Chicken Meals

Chicken Meals

Chicken Breast

A large breast on the bone in crispy batter

Chicken Cheese Burger in a Bun

As above but with lashings of Scottish Mature Cheddar

Chicken Steak in a Bun

A boneless chicken steak in batter, served in a lightly toasted floured bap with lettuce and Mayonnaise (unless you say differently)

Breast Fillets

Five strips of boneless breast lightly dipped in batter

Breaded Breast Fillet

As above but coated in crunchy natural breadcrumbs

Hunters Chicken

Boneless chicken breast grilled and topped with bacon and BBQ sauce

Chicken Maryland

Five chicken fillets with bacon, mushrooms, onion rings and pineapple

Chicken Nuggets (8)

Only the breast - only the best!! Our nuggets are sure to have you coming back for more

Chicken Leg