Homemade Specials

Homemade Deep Fill Pies

Steak & Gravy Pie

Special Mince Pie

Chicken Curry Pie

Macaroni Pie (V)

Homemade Specials

Macaroni Cheese and Chips (v)

Delicious homemade macaroni in a creamy mature Cheddar sauce with loads of chunky chips

Chilli Cheese and Chips

A portion of our meaty and spicy chilli topped with Scottish Mature Cheddar, served with chunky chips

Lasagna Al Forno

Layers of pasta with, Bechamel sauce, extra meaty Bolognese and loads of cheese, served with chunky chips

Meatball Bolognese with Chips

The meatiest meatballs in an authentic Italian Bolognese, packed with flavour and served with chunky chips